January 04, 2010

New Year Roundup

Well, happy new year everyone. I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday. I spent mine with Grant and his wife much to their dismay. We ate deer sausage and played poker. It was just like Time's Square but with less horse poop.


I bought Nerf guns for everyone in my cubicle cluster at work, so that should get us all fired.

(live update: we just got into a 4 man battle that left 2 dead)


I saw two movies in movie theaters while I was home for two weeks. That's a pretty huge thing for me since I hate movie theaters and the people in them. (including myself) One of them was Avatar and here's what I have to about it. If you look at it strictly in terms of James Cameron proving that one can make an incredible looking movie using currently available 3D technology then it was outstanding. Of course when you spend 300 mil on a movie it has to be incredibly accessible so the story is about as mundane as you would expect. It wasn't especially intricate and there were some holes, but when you combine that with the stunning visuals it's pretty worthwhile. It's not the best movie I've ever seen by a long-shot. Don't believe the hype, but DO see it on the big screen if you are into visually stunning flicks.

I also saw Sherlock Holmes which was awesome.


So, it's NFL playoff time which means that in a month it'll be Super Bowl Squares time and I want to get the entrants and the prizes lined up early this year, so we don't have a bunch of Prize-TBDs like we did last year.

There are 100 squares available and each entrant gets 5. If you used the rudimentary math that you learned in primary school you will have realized that gives us space for 20 entries. I am one of them so 19 remain (more rudimentary math). If you are interested in playing leave me a comment or email letting me know. I will be updating the number of slots remaining constantly. This is your notice, I am giving you a month to come up with a prize, so no TBD, alright?


We are looking at Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier puppies on the internet because they are fucking adorable.


Übermilf said...

A.) Chihuahas suck. They poison any blood line they touch.

2.) My prize is a dozen cupcakes, winner can choose flavor of cake and frosting.

iii.) I want to see Sherlock Holmes

IV) Get back to work, asshole.

Sysm said...

One is not likely to be fired for nerf guns in the workplace. Though you might earn a foam-tipped reprimand.

Baby chihuahuas are a gateway to adult chihuahuas. This is likely to be brought to the attention of human resources.

A betting pool on the Super Bowl is encouraged at work. A betting pool on "Project Runway" is grounds for immediate, albeit fabulous, termination.

Tits McGee said...

The last movie I saw in the theater was Star Trek.

Breaking from my usual trend of offering vagina-related gifts for Superbowl Squares, my prize this year is a batch of bacon baklava, lovingly prepared in my filthy kitchen.

I suppose I could shape the phyllo into a vagina shape, if you wanted me to. Hopefully you won't catch any diseases from it or anything.

Did I say vagina enough?


ginonymous said...

as per usual, i will be offering up a cross stitch of questionable content.

GIGI said...
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